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สล่าเพชร วิริยา บ้านจ๊างนัก Salah Phet Wiriya Bann Jang Nak



Met up with  Salah Phet Wiriya  Bann Jang  Nak  Nimman Rd. many years ago ..

Photos are still so cool , I would like you to see the way of living of the artists in ChiangMai 

Bann Jang  Nak  Nimman Rd. Nimman Rd . 2008

Baan Jang Nak

Founded on 1985 by Mr. Phet Wiriya, who has a strongly passion on the art of wood carving. He was a student of the greatest wood carver in Lam Pang “Kum-ay DejDuangTa” who taught him about carving and suggested him to the beauty and meaningful spirit of Elephants.

After Phet finished learning with his teacher, he got a career in Bangkok to teach prisoner about wood carving. He later came back to his hometown and led a couple of his friends and students who also love and want to learn traditional Lanna Style woodcarving.

Phet started caved everything from earth to sky, animals, Fruits and vegetables, Scenery, Human sculpture, etc. and finally the only thing he love and happy to do was to carve elephant. He stopped everything and went to the zoo, elephant camp and everywhere that elephants live then took the pictures, sketched and drew the picture of elephants in many actions and postures. He also got a suggestion from a famous architect and art supporter, “Mr. Nidhi Satapitanond”, to the way to expressed himself into his work of arts.

On 1988, “Pra-yoon Janyawong” (1915), a famous columnist at that time, visited the house. He was very exciting to see a lot of elephant woodcarvings by Phet and his students. He named the place “Baan Jang Nak “, which means a house with full of elephants.

บ้านจ๊างกาแฟ @ บ้านจ้างนัก

Elephants coffee house

56/1 Moo.2 Buakkang
San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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A. Mii

Salah Petch Viriya's daughter 

 Jakraphan Chaijit: Artist 

A. Lipikorn Makaew,  Jakraphan Chaijit: Artists 

สล่าเพชร บ้านจ๊างนัก  

Elé..with daddy ;)

Sankampang: Elephant Coffee house 

สล่าเพชร บ้านจ๊างนัก