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RALPH KIGGELL Faculty of Fine Arts CMU.

Repeated Form

Ralph Kiggel 

Woodblock Prints

                               Faculty of Fine Arts : ChiangMai University 

Department of Visual Art
This department consists of 4 main fields of study which are Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture and Multidisciplinary. These programs are all 4 year program. The student will understand both Thai and Universal art practice in Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Multidisciplinary.

Printmaking is a five-years university program in the context of multidisciplinary practical techniques and processes in such as Relief Printing, Intaglio Printing, etc. with presentation of graphic work in which multiple images are made from variety of material such as metal plate, heavy stone, wood or linoleum block, or silkscreen, with black-and-white or color printing inks.

Painting Program drives the students to expression their view creatively through colors, and mix media to tell story regarding their world view, and the way they view the world and society while strengthening their basic drawing and composition skills.

Sculpture Program urge students to enhance their practical 3D experience and creativity with experiment on various materials, techniques, methods and approach such as metal, clay, plaster, wood and stone carving, Paper Mache, and various media.


Within the abundant natural atmosphere of the Suwannnabhumi ,golden land, in Southeast Asia, nearly half century that Chiang Mai University located in the north of Thailand was founded. Faculty of Fine Arts was instituted 33 years ago with its goal as to provide the perfective art and cultural education. FOFA (Faculty of Fine Arts) was founded in 1982; we offer the unique program of its kind in Lanna Region, the Upper Northern area of Thailand. FOFA offers academic studies (Art history, Art in Theory and Art  Criticism) and professional training (studio, production, performance) at graduate and undergraduate levels with emphasis on contemporary Art ( Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, cultural diversity and community engagement including the integration of the new technologies alongside traditional modes of art theory and practice.

We are working towards being a leading institution in advancing the academic arts through research and the creation of art. Our programs are committed to explore the interrelationships among the arts and other disciplines evolving around contemporary art. Our interdisciplinary teaching and learning styles advanced around investigating the ways in which individuals and whole civilizations have expressed themselves through painting, printing, sculpture, ceramic, art installation, design printmaking, photographic art, and new media among others.

All full-time faculty members have relevant university degrees and are active members of professional organizations and scholarly societies Many of our faculty members maintain international reputations through active research initiatives and participation in academic and professional conferences and publications. They and visiting artists around the world take advantage of our open ground to communicate across disciplines and bring their current experience into the classroom and the studio. For more information please contact us via

A. Ralph Kiggel 

Me..Janine Yasovant 

A. Yupha Mahamart& A Ralph Kiggel 

A. Chaiyot Chandratita

A . Kitikong Tilokwattanotai